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Well-informed mothers raise well-rounded kids!


"She As Mother” is a platform built to benefit mothers in their journey of motherhood.

Although most of the information on the internet is beneficial, the availability of myths and lies is also easily accessible. This further leads to a misleading interpretation of data.


 At “She As Mother”, we gather information, news, facts and figures from authentic and reliable resources. We read and analyse data and break it down into easy and readable articles.


Our articles are curated based on valuable information and are published only after going through the three-step verification process which includes,​

Research, Writing, Editing & Reviewing 

In order to provide the best quality content for our audience


Our aim is to create ease in the tough life of mothers by providing insightful information about parenting, practical tips and tricks to tackle those never-ending tantrums, delicious recipes to make meal time less stressful and ideas to make your mommy life more joyful. 


She As Mother is all about Pregnancy, Parenting, and Motherhood. In order to honour our beliefs, we have a special category for 'Islamic Parenting' for Muslim parents.


We urge you to join our mom community and help each other find the best practices to make your house a loving home.



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