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3 Best Probiotics for Infant Diarrhea: Top Picks for Happy Tummies

Is your little one dealing with diarrhoea? We know as a parent, it's hard to see them go through this. In this situation, you look for a solution that's both effective and gentle for your infant.

We are here to provide that solution. Yes, you heard it right!

In this article, we will be sharing some of the best probiotics available for infant diarrhoea. Keep in mind that not all probiotics prevent loose bowel movements in babies, you need to choose the specific strain that excels in improving this condition.

That is why we have done a strain-based selection for you. So, keep on reading as we will uncover how these probiotics designed for infant diarrhoea perform their function properly and bring comfort against this tummy problem.

Best Probiotics For Infant Diarrhea
Best Probiotics For Infant Diarrhea


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What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for digestive health. They are known for supporting the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut and promoting a healthy digestive system.

What Is Diarrhoea In Infants?

Diarrhea Probiotics for Infants
Mom Holding Baby

Diarrhoea in babies occurs when their poops suddenly become loose, watery and more frequent. It's a sign that something is not right inside your little one's stomach. For parents, it comes with dealing with more frequent and urgent diaper changes.

The stools become runny and difficult to control instead of their regular consistency. This can be concerning, signalling an upset in the complex functions of your child's digestive tract.

Infant diarrhoea is a common challenge faced by almost every parent in early parenthood. However, with a proper understanding and early treatment, it can be controlled to a great extent.

What Are the Causes of Infant Diarrhoea?

While diarrhoea does not last long, you still need to monitor it closely as it can result in dehydration in your infant. Diarrhoea in babies can be triggered by various factors.

These include:

  • Bacterial Infections

  • Changes in the diet

  • Discomfort of teething

  • Food allergies or sensitivities

  • Some medications like antibiotics

Best Probiotics For Infant Diarrhoea

Here is a curated list of probiotics that are not just solutions but products offering relief and giggles. Let's explore how these probiotics work wonders for your baby's gut health.

1. LoveBug Baby Probiotic Drops

LoveBug Baby Probiotic Drops are a game-changer in providing relief against common tummy problems like diarrhoea, colic, reflux and constipation. These drops are created with care featuring six clinically studied strains, including B. infantis and B. Lactis, highlighting the right choice for your baby's health.

The strain B.Infantis nurtures the digestive system and brain development. While B. Lactis benefits by fighting off lactose intolerance and boosting immunity. Being USDA-certified and free from unnecessary preservatives, these drops guarantee the best results

The functions of these strains include supporting balanced and strong gut health and aiding in the easiness and prevention of diarrhoea in infants. Moreover, The Gold Medal Mom's Choice award reflects this probiotic's commitment to both quality and purity.

LoveBug Baby Probiotic Drops are designed for the 0-24 month age range.


  • No refrigeration needed

  • USDA Organics Certified

  • Sugar-free and allergen-free

  • Free from artificial colours and flavours


  • Needs a shake before use

  • Can not warm the prebiotic directly

2. UpSpring probiotic With Colostrum

UpSpring Probiotic + Colostrum is another best option that brings relief to your little one's sensitive digestive system. It's packed with six potential probiotic strains. One of them is, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which effectively deals with irregular digestive discomforts such as diarrhoea, gas and constipation.

Additionally, it includes Colostrum which sets it apart. Colostrum is not only effective in supporting digestion but it also acts as a strong protector for immune health. It is easy to use and comes with a flavourless powder that can be blended with formula or breast milk.

UpSpring Probiotic is no doubt a practical and helpful selection if you're looking to nurture the balance of your baby's good bacteria.

Daily Dosage:

The half packet is suggested daily for infants aged 0-4 months and the full packet is recommended for infants aged 4 months to 12 years!


  • Supports healthy poop

  • No artificial ingredients

  • Flavour less powder

  • Natural bovine colostrum

  • Sugar-free and gluten-free


  • Requires refrigeration

  • Contains milk, therefore be cautious if your baby has dairy allergies

3. BioGaia Protectis Probiotic Drops

BioGaia Protecting Probiotic Drops is a solution that is both soothing and helpful for occasional diarrhoea in babies. It works by fostering and balancing the delicate gut flora. These drops are safe and extensively studied probiotic options for infants.

They feature a Limosilactobacillus reuteri, a strain naturally found in breast milk. Besides, they're trusted by paediatricians and ideal for enhancing the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract. Consequently, they provide ease in common digestive upsetting.

Daily Dosage:

This probiotic is designed for newborns. Five drops are recommended once a day!


  • Free from allergens

  • Supports healthy poops

  • Comes with an easy-to-use dropper

  • Clinically proven for digestive comfort


  • Need a shake before use

  • Doesn't have a separate dropper

How To Choose The Best Probiotics For Infant Diarrhoea?

Choosing the best probiotic for your infant suffering from diarrhoea demands a thoughtful process to ensure both the effectiveness of probiotics and the safety of your little one. Here is a thorough guide for you.

Check for key strains

Look for probiotics that include Lactobacillus reuteri and Bifidobacterium Infantis strains. These strains are commonly known for their effectiveness in promoting digestive well-being in babies specifically in dealing with diarrhoea.

Allergens and additives

Opt for probiotics free from potential allergens and harmful additives. Babies have delicate body systems requiring clean and straightforward ingredients. Therefore, check probiotic labels carefully and find the probiotic that's free from allergens like soy, and gluten and additives such as artificial flavours and colours.

This will minimize the chances of any severe health reactions and will provide gentle and successful relief from diarrhoea.

Consult your pediatrician

Talk to your paediatrician before selecting any probiotics for infant diarrhoea. Discuss your baby's health condition and ask for wise recommendations on probiotic strains that would work best for your infant. Your paediatrician will thoroughly guide you to make the right decision as per your little one's unique needs.

Read reviews

Last but not least, read reviews! Reviews uncover other's experiences about the product you're buying. Find out what other parents have to say. If parents are sharing positive outcomes, it's a good sign to buy that probiotic. On the other hand, avoid choosing probiotics that get negative reviews or ratings.

LoveBug Baby Probiotic Drops
Baby Drinking Milk


When to stop probiotics for babies?

It depends on different factors, such as whether the diarrhoea is treated or not. However, it's crucial to consult with your paediatrician to get personalized guidance. Normally paediatricians may advise gradually reducing or stopping probiotics once the diarrhoea is calmed.

Are probiotics safe for infants?

Probiotics are typically considered safe for babies when used as directed. But it's essential to closely follow your paediatrician's advice. While it's rare to get serious side effects, some infants might face temporary symptoms like gas or bloating as their digestive functions regulate.

What are the best probiotics for toddlers with diarrhoea?

Similar to suggestions for infants, Lactobacillus reuteri and Bifidobacterium Infantis are recommended for toddlers having diarrhoea. These strains boost a healthy gut environment and might aid in relieving digestive stress.

How quickly do probiotics work for diarrhoea in infants?

The speed of probiotic effectiveness can differ for each baby. Some parents observed their infants recover within a few days, so be patient! Everybody's reaction to probiotics varies, therefore it's important to use them regularly to get the best results.

How do probiotics for gas and diarrhoea differ from general Infant probiotics?

Probiotics for gas and diarrhoea include special strains such as Lactobacillus reuteri and Bifidobacterium Infantis. These strains are known for their ability to ease diarrhoea and other gut problems. On the other hand, general infant probiotics are formulated to support overall gut health.

Summary of Best Probiotics For Infant Diarrhea

In a nutshell, when your little one is dealing with diarrhoea, it's crucial to find suitable probiotics to ease their symptoms. Selecting the best probiotic for infant diarrhoea involves considering the key strains, avoiding any additives and allergens and prioritizing products formulated with natural ingredients.

In the above article, we have shared a list of probiotics to keep your baby happy with a healthy belly. We have selected these strains carefully so that your little one can be relieved from the discomfort he has been experiencing.

Each of these probiotics is known for keeping a healthy balance of gut flora, bringing a sweet ending to those messy episodes and the start to healthy gastrointestinal health!

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