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8 Newborn Baby Essentials: What You Actually Need

Newborn Essentials
Newborn Essentials

As you prepare for the weeks post-childbirth, you might ask yourself what your baby truly needs in the primary weeks at home.

The answer is not too much.

All new parents want cool newborn baby items and gadgets that can make the existence of the little one more convenient and efficient. However, it's best to stick to the basics. Your child won't need much in the first few weeks after birth.

Being prepared with the following few newborn essential items will easily get you through the first six weeks of your baby with less of a hustle. So, let's prepare your ultimate baby checklist right away!


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1. Diapers

Diapers are the most common and important item for your newborn, yet picking the ideal kind of diaper for your infant can be confusing. It’s up to you if you want to use cloth diapers for your baby or disposable ones.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages but it depends on your personal choice and lifestyle. Many parents try using both cloth and disposable diapers for their babies and then stick to what suits them best according to their budget and comfort.

Cloth Diaper Essentials

  1. At least 4-5 cloth diapers.

  2. Changing pad.

  3. Baby cream to prevent rash.

  4. Safety pins to secure the diaper ends.

  5. Disposable wipes for cleaning the baby’s bottom.

Disposable Diaper Essentials

  1. Two boxes of newborn-sized diapers. Make sure not to buy too much in bulk since the size of the diaper will change.

  2. Baby rash cream.

  3. Disposable wipes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes

2. Clothing

Although it's fine to buy fancy charming clothes for your newborn, your infant won’t be needing any extravagant clothes and dresses in the initial six weeks. It’s best to purchase basic newborn clothing that is budget-friendly.

The key is to buy clothing that will make your newborn feel comfortable. Keep in mind not to buy too many clothes because your baby will be outgrowing them fast.

Clothing Essentials

  1. 6-9 bodysuits/onesies and soft undershirts, both full sleeves or half sleeves depending on your climate.

  2. 2-3 baby nightgowns for your baby to sleep comfortably in.

  3. 5-6 pairs of socks and booties.

  4. 2-3 newborn hats. (It is recommended by most doctors to cover a newborn’s head in the first few weeks. However, if you live in an extremely hot place, it's alright to avoid it)

  5. 4-6 pairs of baby pants.

  6. 3-4 baby sleepers.

Keep in mind, you will need to do laundry almost daily since newborns tend to get loads of messy blowouts and spit-ups. If you can't manage to do that much laundry, then it's best to buy a few more outfits.

3. Baby Bottles/Feeding

If you are naturally breastfeeding then you do not need much to feed your newborn baby. You can get a breast pumping machine that is used for parents who have trouble breastfeeding their baby. You can use the pump to store your milk in breast milk storage containers to feed your baby later or immediately.

However, if you plan for formula feeding it’s best to discuss with your doctor to help you choose which formula brand is good for your baby.

Formula Feeding Essentials

  1. 7-9 burp clothes. (even if you breastfeed your newborn)

  2. 6-8 4-ounce or 8-ounce baby bottles.

  3. Lots of bibs.

  4. Thermal bottle carrier.

  5. Bottle brushes for cleaning the milk bottles frequently to ensure hygiene.

4. Bath Items for Newborns

For the first few weeks, doctors recommend giving your baby a sponge bath until after the baby’s umbilical cord falls off. Once it does, you just have to bathe your newborn three-four times a week.

Know more about Newborn Bathing Here!

Basic Bathing Essentials

  1. A small plastic bathtub that you can set up in the sink or your bathtub.

  2. 4-6 baby washcloths.

  3. One baby sponge.

  4. 2-3 hooded baby towels.

  5. One medium-sized baby shampoo bottle.

  6. One medium bottle of baby bath wash.

  7. One bottle of baby lotion.

Make sure to buy baby-friendly bathing products to avoid irritating your infants' sensitive skin.

A Mother Holding Her Newborn
A Mother Holding Her Newborn

5. Bedding and Sleeping

When it comes to essentials in sleeping, there are a lot of things you should avoid, such as padding, toys, and positioners. It is highly recommended by doctors and experts to put your newborn to sleep in the same room as you for the first 6-12 months. Also, start making your baby's sleep routine from the initial weeks to avoid stress in the future.

However, it’s also greatly stressed that you should not sleep in the same bed with your child as this can lead to SIDS. For a relaxed sleep, your baby will need a safe crib. Adopt safe sleep practices to prevent SIDS.

Sleeping Essentials

  1. A firm crib mattress.

  2. 2-4 crib sheets. (fitted)

  3. 2-4 light swaddle blankets. (Only swaddle your child in the first few months until they begin to move or roll over. Swaddling after that can lead to suffocation. Once your child is one year old, you can use a loose blanket.)


  1. 2-4 Onesies in which your child can sleep comfortably in a room-temperature bedroom.

Make sure the crib you choose complies with CPSC’s guide on safe sleep.

6. First Aid and Grooming Kit

In the first few weeks, you do not need tons of first aid or grooming items for your newborn. Just the basic stuff will fulfill your infant’s needs.


  1. Baby nail clippers.

  2. Medicine dropper.

  3. Digital baby thermometer.

  4. Nasal aspirator. (it can help clear up the stuffy nose of your newborn without causing pain)

7. Baby Diaper Bag

Not having a diaper bag is not an option when you go out with your baby. Always choose a multi-function diaper bag that has compartments for different necessities.

This includes a baby bottle, extra clothes in case your baby needs to change, and of course diapers themselves.

8. Baby Car Seat and Stroller

A newborn car seat is the most important item every parent is bound to have. As most hospitals won’t allow you to take your baby home without one, it's best to buy it before your due date. Make sure you check that it fits properly in your car and is safe to use.

If you are taking your baby for a walk, to a mall, or even grocery shopping, have a stroller with you to make it easier to manage. Choose the best stroller according to your budget. Make sure it can work long-term since your baby will use it for a few years.


1. How to properly dress your newborn right after delivery?

It is advisable to just cover up your baby with a loose undershirt and diapers instead of any trousers or pajamas. For protection, cover your baby with a loose blanket or swaddle them.

2. Is it necessary to have all the newborn essentials right in your bag when you're out?

You must keep baby diapers, one pair of clothing, and rash cream when you're out. Always have baby milk and a feeder with you so that when your baby gets hungry, you can feed them. All other essentials can stay at home.

Takeaway from Sheasmother

That’s it! These are all the essential items you need for your newborn to have a peaceful and contented baby experience (as peaceful as it gets). You can make a list of these baby essentials to help you prepare in welcoming your little bundle of joy.

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