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6 Tips for Muslim Mom's Morning Routine for a Blissful Day

When you become a mom your energy matters to make or break a day. If you have a planned morning, most probably you'll be having your energy saved rather than deciding all events on the spot.

To make mornings beautiful, we have compiled 6 Tips for Muslim Mom's Morning Routine for a Blissful Day that will surely be adopted by you. So, let's dive into these to wait for a warm morning.

Why Mom's Morning Routine for a Blissful Day is Essential?

Mornings are packed with bounty and blessings. It is both the busiest and most joyful time for mothers. As soon as a mother opens her eyes, she has a lot to accomplish. It includes getting her family ready for the day and making breakfast and lunches. Most mornings are filled with frantic activity.

However, a Muslim mother has a lot to do before the day can begin for her family. Your energy determines how happy and prosperous your family's day will be. Thus, it is essential that you begin each day with enthusiasm and vitality. To have energy, you must have planned your day before to go along and never get off your lane.

Tips for Muslim Mom's Morning Routine

Below we'll talk about some of the most beneficial morning rituals a Muslim mother should adopt in order to have a fruitful and energetic day.

  1. Start Prepping a Night Before

  2. Pray Fajr On Time!

  3. Do Azkar While Working

  4. Clean Yourself and Tidy Up

  5. Never Skip Breakfast

  6. Unwind With Yoga

1. Start Prepping a Night Before

You must begin the preparation the night before in order to enjoy a healthy and pleasant morning. To avoid panic and bustle in the house, go to bed early and complete as much work as you can for the next day.

Additionally, it will guarantee that you won't be stressed out in the morning and have enough time to finish everything on the schedule.

Things you can do the night before include:

  • Packing your children's school bag.

  • Planning breakfast and lunch.

  • Ironing clothes for the next day.

  • Going to bed with children early so that you can all rise on time and feel rested.

2. Pray Fajr On Time!

The two most important practices that every Muslim should adopt are Tahajjud and Fajr prayers. As for a Muslim mother, rising early for Tahajjud and Fajr will give you some solitude to yourself. It's when you can pour your heart out to the Almighty. This will not only calm your mind, but it will also soothe your heart and spirit.

Tahajjud Prayer

After the obligatory prayers, the Tahajjud prayer is regarded as one of the greatest prayers due to its tremendous rewards. The moment when you feel most connected to Allah and the assurance that He is always there for you are simply incomparable.

Fajr Prayer

Fajr, on the other hand, is an obligatory prayer that brings prosperity and wealth. The first step toward a happy and productive day is to pray Fajr on time. No Muslim should pass up the chance to participate in the morning prayer and receive an abundance of blessings from Allah.

3. Do Azkar While Working

Reciting morning Azkar is essential for a Muslim mom because of the bliss and bounty it brings. It's important for protection as well. You can do Azkar while you make breakfast or go about other morning chores at home. It is the ideal method for increasing your good deeds and pleasing Allah.

Moreover, reciting your Azkar vocally would help your children learn them as well. It will become a source to bring them closer to Allah. Children learn early when their parents recite duas in front of them such as when they get up, eat, or leave the house. Eventually, they will incorporate these supplications into their everyday routine as well.

4. Groom Yourself and Tidy Up

Regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working parent, getting ready in the morning should be your top priority.

Prepare to greet the day with a positive attitude by:

  • Brushing your teeth

  • Making your hair

  • Dressing properly

  • Putting up some makeup or doing your morning skincare

You'll feel energized for the remainder of the day and be able to shake off the feeling of dullness and drowsiness, thanks to this. As the hadith says,

Cleanliness is half of our main”.

{Sahih Muslim}

Both the Quran and the Sunnah instruct us to carry out daily hygiene. Our faith demands purity, thus we must not take it for granted. Hence, purify yourself:

  • By performing ablution

  • Tidying up

  • Applying fragrances when at home

5. Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and has countless benefits. It's crucial to fuel your body with nutritious food so that it can function properly throughout the day. A mother needs unending energy to efficiently complete all of her chores. To ensure that you have adequate energy, the Sunnah also advises eating in the morning.

Mothers regularly cook delicious meals for their families but don't bother to eat properly themselves due to the workload. However, that is just incorrect. Every morning, a healthy meal should be consumed as it will enhance your health.

It's crucial that you take some time for yourself and have a healthy breakfast. The Sunnah advises us to eat Ajwaa dates every morning since they are;

  • High in iron,

  • Give us energy

  • Prevents us from feeling lethargic all-day

Aisha r.a reported Allah's messenger PBUH as saying,

"The Ajwa dates of al-Aliya (villages near Madina) contain healing, and they are an antidote first thing in the morning."


Reference: Mishkat al-Masabih 4191

In-book: Book 21, Hadith 30

6. Unwind With Yoga

We are aware that a mother's morning routine is hectic. You hardly ever have time to even consider taking care of yourself. However, after sending your children to school consider exercising or meditating. You'd be astonished at the changes meditation can make to your body. It'll help you transform your life.

It will have a huge impact on your life if you just set aside 15 to 20 minutes for yourself. Spending some peaceful time in nature, engaging in physical activity or yoga. You can even play a recorded recitation of Quranic surahs in your house and listen to them quietly. It will ease your mind and instill a sense of peace and tranquility in your life.


Having a morning routine as a mother will be beneficial to you and your family. Given that your children are dependent on you, it is crucial that you organize your day. A Muslim mother should be a put-together woman. There are many practices you can incorporate into your morning routine to draw your family and yourself closer to the Almighty.

Establishing a healthy morning routine is the first step to managing your physical and emotional well-being, which is incredibly important. It's crucial that you prepare to gather the bounty of nature as mornings bring prosperity and blessings.

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