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Baby’s Developmental Milestones For 1st Year: What To Expect Guide

From the time your child enters this world, you'll be watching every move they make and fretting about their proper development. And there is nothing wrong with it. Every parent has concerns if their baby's development at the normal race.

baby's developmental milestones for 1st year
A Cute Baby Girl Celebrating her 1st

To assist with this headache and ease your distress, you must have developmental milestones for 1st year of your baby. So you can go along and be at ease.

Parents treasure every one of their children's little moments and acknowledge every one of their accomplishments. Be it their first smile or their first cry, your heart will be swarming with emotions and happiness. The same goes for their developmental milestones. So let's find these for your 1st-year baby in this article.

Baby’s Developmental Milestones For 1st Year

Oftentimes, new parents are concerned about whether or not their child is developing normally and acting normally. This may drive new parents to be concerned about the well-being of their children. To assist every new parent in overcoming this distress, we have outlined the developmental milestones for 1st year your child will reach. These achievements are broken down into 4 stages, with each trimester bringing forth a fresh change in your child's body language.

  1. First Month

  2. Third Month

  3. Sixth Month

  4. Ninth Month

  5. One Year

Remember, these milestones are based on general research. Each child develops or acquires these milestones at their speed because every child is different. These development modifications may be adopted by some babies earlier or later than others.

1. First Month

Your child's first month will be both the most beautiful and the most challenging. Although the entire journey of raising a child is both painful and rewarding, the first month will be particularly difficult.

Considering that everything will be new to you and that you will be adjusting to the hectic schedule that goes along with having a baby. Some of the basic developmental milestones you'll notice in your child's first month are as follows:

1st moth baby developmental milestone
1st Month Baby Sleeping


In the first month, you'll observe your infant grinning while dozing off or by themself. Your infant may merely be passing gas, and this smile might not be one of happiness. After two months, your baby will smile genuinely either in response to your smile or when seeing the smiles of other people. This smile is typically a tender expression of love for their mother.

Lift head

During the first two months, your child will be able to keep their head still when lying on their stomach. They can also easily observe and explore their environment while lying on their stomachs and elevating their heads.

Responds To Voices

Your baby will be able to recognize your voice and respond to it in the first month. Although a baby listens and recognizes their mother’s voice while in the womb the capability will increase. This allows them to build a trustworthy relationship with their mothers.

2. Third Month

You will be noticing a lot of physical and behavioral changes in your baby as soon as they turn 3 months old. They will recognize their parents and will be able to distinguish their voices along with other development changes.

developmental milestones for 1st year
Baby Sleeping in a Cute Little Basket


From the age of three months, you will finally get relief from the crying sounds all the time. Your baby will learn to laugh and it will soothe your ears. Moreover, you’ll be hearing their laughs or smiles more often than before or whenever you’ll be playing with them.

Grip Or Try to Grasp Objects

Another milestone that your 3 months old will accomplish is the firm grasp of their tiny hands. They will be able to hold tiny objects or may just try to grasp objects like their toys and their grasp will get more firm and strong.

3. Sixth Month

This might be the most adorable and developing period of all. Your baby completed almost half a year and it's worth celebrating. At this age, your baby will be growing rapidly and you will see all sorts of physical and mental changes in them.

developmental milestones for babies of one year
A Baby sitting on a High Chair

Can Sit Up

Your baby will be capable of balancing themselves and sitting on their own from the age of 6 to 8 months. Your child can effortlessly control their head and make it perfectly balanced. Moreover, they’ll be able to roll over to make tiny movements.

Starting Solids

One of the best developments that will happen from the age of six months is that you can finally introduce your child to solid foods. You can include solids into their diets and reduce giving your breastmilk. This way your child will become healthier and chubbier.

4. Ninth Month

You are slowly but still rapidly watching your little one reach the age of one year old. This development is purely joyful and exciting for parents. By now, you'll observe these developmental milestones in your baby.


As your child will already start sitting up on their own and balancing their bodies perfectly it's time for the next step. Crawling is the most exciting phase of this whole development process and also it is the base of teaching them how to walk. From 8 to 9 months, your baby may start to scoot/creep or attempt to crawl. However, your child may start walking right after creeping on the floor. It differentiates from each child.


One of the other things you may notice in your child’s ninth month is that they’ll have rapid hand movements. They will learn to clap and play baby games like hide n seek or peek-a-boo. Furthermore, they may learn to wave and will be waving goodbye excitedly.

5. One Year

a smiling bay laying on hay
A Smiling Baby

Your little one is not so little anymore. They have finally reached the one-year milestone successfully. The development that will be happening in the 12th month of your baby will have tears rolling up on your face.

This is truly a magical moment for both parents and their little ones. The major baby's developmental milestones for 1st year include:

Stand Up

By the time they are 12 months old, the majority of infants can hold themselves easily when standing. On the other hand, some of them may begin to stand alone or they might begin to walk by the time they turn one.

There is no cause for concern even if they couldn't walk or stand by the time they turned one. This growth may take up to 13 months for some infants.

Eats Finger foods

A one-year-old can readily sit in a high chair, and you may offer them finger foods like carrots or cucumbers that have been chopped into slices. Additionally, since they will be able to grasp things firmly, they might even be able to eat them with their own hands.


Your baby will be able to utter simple words like "mama" or "baba" between the ages of 10 and 12 months. They will also cease chattering and start trying to make words and talk correctly.


Every parent enjoys witnessing their child's growth and development as it happens in front of their eyes. You will get more thrilled and concerned with each baby's developmental milestone. Just be careful not to stress over it and to give your child space to grow at their speed. Since every child is unique, each milestone may be achieved one or two months early or late.

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