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5 Easy and Appetizing Meal Ideas For Your 1-Year-Old

As a mother, one of the constant concerns you will be facing is what to feed your child or what not. Once your baby turns 1-year old you may think that it will get easier since they can now eat table foods. However, it isn’t that easy. But Hop on! We've got you. Children sometimes grow to be picky eaters and develop likes and dislikes for certain foods. They are now not small enough to eat whatever you’re feeding them. You will have a lot of options once your child has reached the age of one. But to prepare meals for them that are both healthy and delectable is a pretty challenging task.

5 Easy and Appetizing Meal Ideas For Your 1-Year-Old
5 Easy and Appetizing Meal Ideas For Your 1-Year-Old

As much as you will get tempted to fill up their plates with lots of veggies and fruits your child will get more tempted towards all the unhealthy and junk foods. In that scenario, what will you do? Well, not to worry.

Today we have gathered a list of 5 easy and appetizing meal ideas for your 1-Year-old that will make both your baby and their tummy happy.

5 Meal Ideas For Your Little One

Meal ideas for your baby must be easy, homemade, quick, and flavorful to come up with their taste buds and their not-so-boring routine. It takes a little time to prepare the weekly meal plan but not so long and tiring to be done.

The meal plan should be designed to make up for their weight, development, and better growth with time. Otherwise, they might lack vital nutrients and essential vitamins.

So if you're a new mother or it's your third baby, let's just jump onto the easy and appetizing meal ideas and recipes.

Here we go:

  1. Dal Khichdi

  2. Chicken Pasta

  3. Chicken Kebabs

  4. Mac n Cheese

  5. Egg Muffins

1. Dal Khichdi

Dal Khichdi recipe for 1 year old babies
Dal Khichdi

Moong dal khichdi is undoubtedly the ultimate comfort food for anyone. This is the best and healthiest food option for your baby. Just make sure to keep the spices low and boil the rice and lentil perfectly so they can be chewed easily when you are making khichdi for your baby.

Remember, while serving, serve khichdi as a main course along with cubed cucumbers and apples.

2. Chicken Pasta

Pasta is another favorite comfort food for kids of all ages. For your 1-year-old, you do not have to make a gourmet pasta dinner. Rather we have a much easier recipe for you that is not only wholesome and easy to make but will also be loved by your little one.

Chicken pasta recipe for 1 year old babies
Chicken Pasta


  • Pasta - ½ cup

  • Chicken cubes - 100 grams

  • Capsicums' or any other veggie you like - 1 small floret

  • Oil - 1 tbsp

  • Milk - ¼ cup

  • Cheddar cheese - ⅓ cup

  • Salt - ½ tsp

  • Black pepper - ½ tsp


  1. In a pot add 2 cups of water and 1 tsp of salt and let it boil.

  2. In the boiling water add pasta and let it cook.

  3. Once cooked perfectly, drain the pasta.

  4. In another pan heat oil and add chicken along with salt and pepper and cook for 3-4 minutes.

  5. Now add steamed broccoli cut into small bite-size pieces along with milk.

  6. Next, add the boiled pasta.

  7. Stir to combine everything.

  8. Top it with cheese and more salt & pepper if required.

  9. If the pasta looks dry add more milk to get a creamy consistency.

  10. Serve this delicious pasta with cubed carrots or cherry tomatoes.

3. Chicken Kebabs

Your child’s meals aren’t supposed to be heavy always. If someday your little one is getting cranky or not in the mood for eating then you can add these chicken kebabs to their dinner or lunchtime.

They are easy to make and can be frozen for later use as well. Furthermore, you can include several little snacks or finger foods along with these kebabs.

Chicken kebab recipe for babies of one year old
Chicken Kebab


  • Chicken boneless cubes - 200 grams

  • Salt - 1 tsp

  • Black pepper - 1 tsp

  • Garlic powder - ½ tsp

  • Paprika powder - ¼ tsp

  • Soy sauce - ½ tsp

  • Coriander leaves chopped - 1 tbsp

  • Soaked bread slices - 1


  1. In a chopper add chicken cubes along with all the other ingredients and grind well.

  2. Once achieved smooth paste-type consistency, take it out and refrigerate for one hour.

  3. Now take out the chicken mixture, grease your hands with a little oil and make small round shapes.

  4. You can freeze them in an airtight container or shallow fry them in a little oil right away.

  5. Serve these kebabs with boiled and seasoned corn and cucumber slices.

4. Mac n Cheese

Another classic pasta recipe. This quick and easy mac n cheese recipe will be your baby’s next favorite meal. Your child will finish their plate in a matter of seconds. The best part is that you can make this in just one pot. No need for extra dirty dishes. Here's how you can make it.

Mac n cheese recipe for one year old's
Mac n Cheese


  • Macaroni - ½ cup

  • Milk- 2 cups

  • Cheddar cheese- ½ cup

  • Mozzarella cheese - ¼ cup

  • Salt - 1 tsp

  • Black pepper - 1 tsp

  • Italian seasoning - ¼ tsp


  1. In a pot add milk and let it come to a boil.

  2. In the boiling milk add your pasta with salt and pepper and let it boil.

  3. Once the pasta is cooked perfectly add in the Italian seasoning along with the cheese and stir to combine.

  4. Add in more salt & pepper if required.

  5. Add in more milk if the pasta is too dried.

  6. Serve the mac n cheese with steamed broccoli or carrots, grilled chicken cubes, or sauteed green beans.

5. Egg Muffins

Egg muffins are a unique and tastier version of our traditional omelets. They are packed with protein and are a wholesome breakfast idea for your one-year-old. Not only are they easier to make but are something that your little one will demand daily.

Moreover, you can do variations in this recipe however you or your baby like and add or subtract vegetables according to availability and desirability.

Eff muffins for one year old babies
Egg Muffins


  • Eggs - 2

  • Milk - 1-2 tbsp

  • Onions chopped - ½ tsp

  • Tomatoes chopped - ½ tsp

  • Spinach chopped - ½ tsp

  • Salt - ½ tsp

  • Black pepper - ½ tsp

  • Cheddar cheese shredded - ½ cup


  1. Beat eggs and milk together.

  2. Add all the vegetables along with salt & pepper and mix well.

  3. Now grease a muffin pan with oil.

  4. Add the egg mixture until ⅔ full and top with cheese.

  5. Bake in the preheated oven until the eggs are cooked and have formed a brown crust.

  6. Serve these appetizing egg muffins with a glass of milk, oranges, and bananas.

Important things to remember before preparing your 1-year-old meals

Before and while preparing meals for your baby there are some important things that you should consider:

  1. Place 2 or 3 sidelines on their plate along with one main entree.

  2. Make sure that their meals contain fruits and vegetables as well.

  3. Plan meals that have all of the nutrient components like protein, fiber, irons, and carbs.

  4. Give small portions that they can digest easily.

  5. Do not overfeed your child or force them to finish all of their food.

  6. Take notes on what they like the most and what they always leave.

  7. Purchase good quality and colorful cutlery set for your kid.

  8. Put your child on their high chair before you start feeding them.

  9. Let your kid eat by themselves sometimes.

  10. Keep changing the meals now and then and keep doing variations. This way they won’t get bored with the same food and will enjoy their meals.


A good and hearty meal is essential for your child’s growth and development. You must be filling your little one’s plate with healthy and nutritious foods. Fruits, vegetables, and protein all should be a part of your baby’s daily meals.

We have listed these 5 easy and appetizing meal ideas for your 1-Year-Old. These recipes are not only easy and quick to make but also healthy and enticing for your little one’s taste buds.

If you, as a mother, have some meal ideas, comment below and we would love to add them!

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