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5 Best Ways To Develop Your Child's Talent

best ways to develop your children talent
A Baby Girl Painting on a Leaf

Have you ever tried to discover your child's strengths and capabilities? Or observed, what are those things your kid is best at? Or do you want to know how to develop and nurture your child's talent?

As a parent, you should assist your kid in developing their natural talent. As Sean

Covey once said:

" One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is to help them find their talents."

The question that will come to your mind will be, can talent be developed? The answer is an absolute Yes!

Not everybody is bestowed with a natural talent by birth. It has to be developed and

discovered. Once your child develops talent, it ultimately helps them unlock their true potential and abilities.

How to develop your child's talent - 5 best ways!

Are you ready to discover your child's specialities or to bring out the best in them? If yes, then you need to know some best ways to develop your child's talent. And we are here to assist you throughout this journey!

Here we are about to discuss the best possible ways that will help you grow your kid's talents:

  1. Build up a child-parent relationship

  2. Don't pressurize your kid

  3. Allow your child to make mistakes

  4. Praise your child's effort rather than natural talent

  5. Allow your child to participate in activities that interest him

1. Build up a Parent-Child Relationship

how to develop kids talent
A Mother and Kid having a Happy Time Together

Call to your mind, is your relationship with your child strong enough? Do you both spend quality time together? Building a healthy parent-child relationship is crucial for creating an environment where the child feels comfortable exploring new things.

If your kid makes a mistake or loses on something, instead of criticizing them, try to remain calm. That's how a healthy and positive learning space is created.

When you show your child that they are loved and cared for even when they make a mistake sometimes, it enhances the way of sustained growth. In such an environment, kid aspires to learn, grow and flourish more. It helps them to become mindful and mentally strong.

Consequently, strengthening the parent-child relationship will help your child to develop and nurture their capabilities and strengths. It will help them unleash their new talents.

2. Don't Pressurize your Kid

develop your children talent
A baby girl with uncomfortable feelings on her face

One big mistake parents often make is insisting their kids indulge in activities they don't like. For instance, your child loves painting and drawing, but you want them to attend music classes instead of painting things.

You're taking a wrong turn here in developing your kid's talent. Wise and mature parents will always support and appreciate their children to try out things they love.

They make sure their kid is flourishing and levelling up in activities they are excellent at. They let their kid explore their interests and discover new horizons. So, the advice for you is, don't force your child to do something they have no interest in. Ultimately, this will help you to evolve and blossom your child's abilities or talents.

3. Allow your Child to Make Mistakes

how to develop talent in your children
A Mother and a Daughter Sitting Together

Some activities require a lot of concentration and can't be done overnight. That's why children become frustrated and sometimes lose their motivation to continue learning. At these points, you need to encourage your child.

For instance, a kid cannot learn a piano at once, and mastering it requires years of practice. When he finds it hard to master, he becomes frustrated.

To counsel your child in the best possible way, tell them these activities require patience and constant effort. Tell them that it's ok to make mistakes. However, instead of losing motivation, they should learn from them and keep on going.

After all, mistakes are an inevitable part of life and are something we shouldn't be afraid of. As Louis Zamperini says:

" Don't be afraid to make mistakes; they are just the stepping-stones to success."

4. Praise your Child's Effort rather than Natural Talent

help your children develop their talent
A Mother Kissing her Daughter

Do you know? A recent Stanford Study has revealed that:

"Praising effort, not talent, leads to greater motivation and more positive attitudes towards challenges in the future."

It helps your kid learn that the effort they are inserting into a task leads to their desired results. It will help them develop their talent and boost their confidence. For instance, if you say to your kid, ( I'm proud of the way you have worked on this drawing). Doesn't he will feel appreciated? Surely he will!

Alternatively, children who get praised for their talent don't get to learn how to tackle challenges. They think that challenges are out of their reach. Moreover, they start to believe talent leads to success rather than effort.

Consequently, it's crucial to appreciate your kid for their effort and not abilities or natural talent. As Carol A. Dweck wrote:

" Praise should deal, not the child's personality attributes, but with his efforts and achievements."

5. Allow your Child to Participate in Activities that Interest Them

nurture children talents
A Baby Boy with a Pen in his Hands

As a parent, you must know all those activities your child is interested in. Try to engage your child in those activities to bring out the best in them. For instance, your kid loves writing, singing, and painting, or might be interested in doing plays.

You can check out some upcoming online contests for writing, painting, etc., and register your kid for them. You can also visit their school and get information about any coming competition that suits your child's interest.

Let your child participate in these contests or competitions. Participating in these activities will help your kid showcase their skills and unleash their aptitudes. If they win, it will not only boost their confidence, but also they will develop and nurture their skills more.

Remember! If your child doesn't win, rather than demotivating them, encourage them to keep on trying.


1. How do you identify a child's skill and Talent?

The best way to identify it is to observe your child performing different activities. It will let you know what activity s/he does more keenly and amazingly. It will also help you identify when your kid feels overwhelmed and exhausted.

2. What is the best talent for kids?

Talent is not something you put into your child but it comes and develops by itself. You only have to recognize and nurture your child's talent. So, it'll be vague to say any talent is the best talent to have.

3. What's the difference between talented and gifted children?

Talented children are those who have polished and nurtured their abilities whereas the gifted ones are those who have innate extraordinary abilities.


In a nutshell, not every child is born with a natural talent. You as a parent have to develop and nurture your kid's abilities and skills. We have shared some best ways above that will ultimately assist you in evolving and developing your child's talent, strengths, and capabilities. Once your child finds and develops their talent, it's time for you to watch your child level up and flourish more in their life!

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