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How Educational Toys can Help your Child?

children playing with educational toys
Two Children Playing with Toys

Toys and children go hand in hand. Your child may never have enough of them. It is a fact that every time you take your child shopping, they will only be drawn to toys. Not to mention the tantrum they would throw if you dared to refuse their demand.

Since you can't always say NO to their requests to purchase toys, why not give them something that will be profitable to both of you?

Isn't that surprising? What advantages do toys have for both parents and children? Well, the importance of toys in child development can't be ignored if you make your purchases wisely and buy your child educational toys. Read below to know how!

Why invest in Educational Toys as a Parent?

Educational toys are also called “learning toys” or “purposeful toys.” Why? Because they are designed to serve a purpose i-e to stimulate your child’s growing abilities.

By stimulating children’s abilities you help them:

  • Meet milestones timely or earlier

  • Makes day-to-day tasks easier to do by working on fine motor skills (hand-eye coordination, fingers, wrists, and hand tasks)

  • Learn skills

  • Make learning fun

Toys created exclusively for preschoolers come in handy if you want to start preparing your child for school. These toys will assist your child in acquiring age-appropriate skills and also keep them engaged.

When Covid-19 hit the world and countries went into lockdown, schools, and colleges were also closed down. However, as a result of schools shutting down and children being home, there was a necessity to take measures at home not to hinder your child’s learning. A fun and easy way to complete homework without having a headache as a parent are to make educational toys a part of learning.

Educational toys help develop the fine motor skills of children that helps them in doing day-to-day tasks like tieing shoelaces, buttoning/zipping up shirts, counting on hands, eating with spoons, holding things, etc.

Educational Toys Vs Electronic Toys! Are Educational Toys Worth the Price?

Why are educational toys so important? Let me tell you! People only invest in things they see value in. And there is nothing more satisfying than spending on things that actually helps your child.

  • Educational toys are toys that are both educative and entertaining.

  • In contrast to electronic toys, they are intended to help children develop skills and abilities.

  • Another advantage of such toys is that they necessitate demonstration and participation. This allows you to engage in interesting play with your child rather than staring at an electronic doll that repeats the same song a hundred times and makes the same movement.

  • Educational toys are open-ended, allowing you to try a million different ways to make something. Consider legos, blocks, magnetic tiles, and other toys. Simply purchase one of two similar packs to increase your quantity and experiment with different ways to create masterpieces. As a result, educational toys stimulate your child’s creativity.

  • Educational toys can also help your child's intelligence. For example, I recently purchased a toy for my three-year-old nephew that was designed to teach him how to count.

  • On one scale, you must place a number, and on the other, the child must place two number coins that total the number from the first scale. In this scenario, the child must count, use his hands to find different numbers, and test his knowledge.

  • Unlike sitting in front of a tuition teacher/mom with a pen in hand and a daunting expression, wondering what number to write so that you don't get spanked.

  • Educational toys make learning enjoyable, and they are also an excellent way to spend time with your children.

Types of Educational Toys

Now, you understand the benefits of educational toys for children. Lets, explore what type of educational toys you should invest in as a parent. Here begins the fun!

  1. Puzzels

  2. Play-dough

  3. Building Blocks

  4. Sketch Board

  5. See and Spell

1. Puzzles

educational puzzles toy for your child
Child playing with Puzzles

Puzzles are something that kids of all ages enjoy. There are different levels of puzzles. For a one-year-old, you may find a two or three-piece puzzle. The level of difficulty will increase as your child will grow older. For a three-year-old toddler, you may want to buy a puzzle that consists of 6 to 12 big pieces. These puzzles can be of animals or any of their favorite things, like planets, country flags, fruits, vegetables, cars, and much more.

Why puzzles?

Puzzles are an excellent technique to help your child develop critical thinking skills. Not only that, but it also helps children develop problem-solving abilities. When your little one will give their sweet time solving a puzzle and will finally end up having a fully solved picture, the happiness you’ll see on their face will be incomparable. Furthermore, it will offer them a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence.

2. Play-Dough

Dough educational game for kids
Two Children playing with Dough

We all know how much trouble it is to allow your children to play with play dough. The mess it creates is genuinely aggravating. Although it is advertised on the label as being safe for children, it is obvious that they fail to mention how challenging it becomes for parents to clean up afterward.

However, if you put cleanliness aside for a moment and consider the advantages playdough provides for your child, you might stop worrying about the mess altogether.

Why play-dough?

Play-dough is an excellent approach to encourage your toddler's creativity. Your child can use play-dough to craft anything they want by using vibrant colors and pushing their imaginative boundaries.

Furthermore, it's a fantastic technique to keep your kid occupied for a while and give them some time on their own. Play-dough offers countless more advantages that require a variety of skills to build creativity. It will keep your child engaged and relaxed while simultaneously fostering their motor skills and other sensory talents.

Additionally, you and your child can engage in this activity and make shapes or items together. Your toddler will be delighted if they witness you having fun with them.

BONUS TIP: To keep the mess to a minimum, spread a sheet on the floor, preferably in a large space, and let your child have all the fun within that area. It will become easier to clean, and you will not have to remove the playdough from every household object for the rest of the week.

3. Building Blocks

building block educational game for children
Child making a Castle with Building Blocks

One of the toys that every toddler should have is a set of building blocks. If you're stumped as to what to get a three-year-old for their birthday, block play is the answer. For each level, there are several kinds of block plays. Block play will never bore your child, whether he or she is one year old or five years old.

Why block play?

The use of building blocks allows your child's imagination and creativity to flourish. They learn how to build new objects and hone their problem-solving abilities. There are several different types of blocks available, including those featuring numbers, letters, or shapes. These are the most effective for getting your child ready for preschool.

Through blocks, you can make your toddler learn about shapes, counting numbers, small words, or even colors. That is why block play may be seen in every kindergarten classroom. Along with strengthening their fine and gross motor skills, it is essential for the mind's development in infants and toddlers.

4. Sketch Board

educational sketch board game for your child
Sketch Board

Are you concerned about pencil smudges on your walls? However, do you also want to encourage your kid to write? Every mother might experience this problem. You can say goodbye to your pristine, sparkling walls as soon as a child obtains a pencil or pen. There is a way to preserve your walls while fostering your child's writing talent.

Why a Sketch Board?

A sketch board is basically a magnetic drawing board that is the ideal toy for your toddler. It gives your child endless opportunities to draw or write anything they want repeatedly.

Moreover, it is one of the greatest ways to help your toddler teach how to hold a pencil or write letters or numbers. Additionally, it also includes different shapes and a magical eraser that just makes room for more and more creativity.

5. See and Spell

see and spell educational game
See and Spell

A see and spell toy consists of a set of boards, usually made of wood, that has pictures and letter blocks on them. Your toddler will have to recognize the drawn picture and spell it using the letters provided.

For your 3-6 year-olds, this is one of the most beneficial educational toys. Your child will have a wide variety of words to play with while learning how to spell them.

Why See and Spell?

You can use this toy to teach your child new words and how to spell them. This is quite helpful in assisting kids to begin speaking and identifying various objects. The word blocks will develop their fine and gross motor abilities while the vibrant pictures will be a treat for the eyes.


Educational toys are an investment you will not regret. It helps children of all ages develop skills with fun while they are growing. 3-year-old is an age when parents are worried about getting their kids into preschool and educational toys can help you prepare. These educational toys will not only benefit your toddler's schooling but will also aid in the development of other essential abilities. These educational toys have been shown to aid in nurturing your child's motor skills, improving their senses, and boosting their self-esteem while also supporting the growth of their young mind. So what are you waiting for?

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