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Best Educational Toys for 1-4 Years: Eco-friendly, Stem & Smart Toys

Baby Girl Playing with Educational, Stem Toys
Baby Girl Playing with Educational, Stem Toys

Every day, an increasing number of parents invest in educational toys. Educational toys can help you stimulate your children's abilities and aid in brain development. This increases your child's chances to grow faster, think better, and become more competent.

Educational toys are no longer limited to the classroom. Parents, particularly after COVID-19, are drawn to purchasing educational toys to make homework less painful. To fully capitalize on this fantastic opportunity, where the toy itself eliminates half of your work, keep reading to discover the best educational toys for your toddler and kids!

How Educational Toys can Help your Child? What are STEM & SMART Toys?

Let us give you a quick overview of educational toys if you haven't already heard of them. Educational toys are intended to do more than just keep your child entertained. They are specifically designed to help your child learn skills. Therefore, they are also known as “learning toys.”

Educational toys can help your children with:
  • Gross and fine motor skills training

  • Social and Emotional skills

  • Speech and Language development

  • Learning to count and spell

  • Shape recognition, Matching, and so on.

Eco-Friendly, Stem & Smart Toys

As global pollution and climate change issues worsen, parents are becoming keen to buy eco-friendly toys for their children's better future.

Institutions, on the other hand, are encouraging children to play with STEM toys. Because STEM toys make science, technology, engineering, and math more fun to learn and understand.

Smart toys, in contrast, are the result of AI (Artificial Intelligence) advancements. AI toys and products will become more common in your life as you move forward in life.

Quick Pick

Product Name

Why Quick Pick?

(Fine motor skills, out-of-the-box thinking)

(Speech and emotional development)

(Color & shape recognition, matching/pairing)

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers

Now that you understand the significance of educational toys, you must be muddled about which one to buy. It can be a lengthy chore with a plethora of options available in the market due to its rising demand.

But don't worry, we've got your back. As an education enthusiast and researcher, we conducted an in-depth survey on educational toys in order to bring the best for your child to your doorstep. So, without further ado, let's get started!


Age | Item Weight

1+ 0.8 Kilograms

This daisy-looking colour and shape sorter is an appealing, sturdy, and exciting learning toy for your toddler. It includes 16 pieces, a storage box, and a lid. A few reasons why you should buy a shape sorter toy for your toddler and why a daisy sorter is superior to all others on the market.


  • Introduces colour and shape recognition

  • Encourages hand-eye coordination

  • No shoving the shape down as with other shape sorters on the market

  • Fine motor skills development

  • No-mess, bucket storage with a lid

  • BPA-free, sturdy plastic that is not easily broken


  • We couldn't find one!


Age | Item Weight

3+ 1.25 pounds

With this toddler play food, you can pretend to go shopping and prepare an imaginary homemade feast. This 37-piece children's kitchen set includes

  • A toy basket

  • Two chopping boards

  • Two small pretend knives that fit right in your toddler's little hands

  • A variety of fruits and vegetables with fasteners

  • Velcro fasteners to keep the toy food together and allow it to come apart easily when your children pretend to chop it

  • Long-lasting and have a realistic appearance

  • Appealing bright colours for children


  • Toy for pretend play

  • Learn colours and matching

  • Learn fruit and vegetable names

  • Introduces the concept of fractions.

  • Involves wrist and finger movements

  • Made up of safe plastic


  • Even though the set includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, we can always have more.


Age | Item Weight

3+ months 3.53 Pounds

Children adore building blocks, and it is the best toy for keeping your toddler occupied longer. But what makes the plump soft building blocks unique? Well, there is a list that distinguishes this set!

  • It is made of food-grade material, which eliminates the possibility of a child becoming ill because of sucking on it.

  • It is easier to clean

  • Soft but sturdy

  • Creates less noise

  • Non-toxic


  • Engages all five senses.

  • Boost your child's creativity and imagination by allowing them to create anything they want, such as a car, a house, a castle, animal shapes, and so on.

  • They will learn various techniques to fully benefit from the toy, especially if you play with them.

  • Learn about balance colour, colour recognition, and patterns.

  • Improves cognitive ability

  • Fine motor skills

  • They are worth the investment because they meet all safety requirements.

  • Encourages out-of-the-box thinking

  • Eco-friendly


  • A little pricey


Age | Item Weight

3+ 32 Ounces

Magformers' 62-piece multi-coloured magnetic tile set serves several functions to help your child's intelligence and growth. Magnetic tiles are a more advanced form of building blocks.

They are simpler to assemble for toddlers. The child, on the other hand, will learn about balance, colors, and shapes while creating a masterpiece to show off to friends and family.


  • Shape learning – consists of 20 Triangles, 30 Squares, and 12 Pentagons

  • 3D Brain training

  • STEM learning

  • Colour perception

  • Make a ball, house, basic cube, pyramid, cute and colorful snail, and turtle, using your creativity!


  • Serious risk of choking

  • Not appropriate for smaller kids because they might suck or swallow it


Age | Item Weight

2+ 1.06 pounds

A speaking robot that sings, dances, plays music and educates children about colours, numbers, and other things. It's a wonderful gift for youngsters aged 3 and up. A complete experience with music and light effects. Stunning red and white pattern!


  • Helps in learning numbers, shapes, and colors by repeating after pressing the button

  • Push a key, and the robot will repeat the matching number in the number mode

  • Same for matching shapes in the shapes mode

  • Hit a key to have the robot repeat the appropriate colour in the colours mode

  • Powerman Baby will test your knowledge in quiz mode; to respond, simply press the appropriate key.


  • It needs a powerful battery supply of 3x LR6/AA batteries for the robot - you have to buy them separately


Age | Item Weight

1+ 3.26 Pounds

Mothers who want to raise readers, pay attention! This is not your typical baby’s first-word book, it goes beyond that. In this interactive 3D book your child will learn more than 100 age-appropriate words selected by learning experts. These words will be introduced in a fun and creative manner by your child’s learning companions turtle, tiger, and monkey.

Language experts designed this book to equip kids with day-to-day vocabulary in a fun and engaging manner. Pets, animals, food, eating, meals, colours, activities, contrasts, being outside, and more are among the word categories.


  • Playing words, sound effects, and interesting facts when you touch words on the pages

  • Clear sound

  • Has a learning buddies theme song

  • Full multilingual experience, English and Spanish words, songs, and directions

  • Can be used regularly


  • None

Buying Guide

1. Safety

When purchasing toys for your children, your primary concern as a parent is that they are safe for children to use. Look for toys made of eco-friendly, fire-resistant, nontoxic, and lead-free materials. Be wary of cheap toys that contain cancer-causing plastics. Try to invest in high-quality educational toys from well-known manufacturers.

2. Choking

Another major concern when purchasing toys for toddlers is choking hazards. In this regard, soft toys made of food-grade materials are the best. They are safe when they come into contact with toddlers' mouths because toddlers enjoy tasting and sucking on their toys.

3. Durability

When children play with toys, they can be rough. They probably throw them 100 times a day, if not more. So, make sure you're investing in durable, high-quality toys for your child.


Toys play an essential role in child development. They assist you in preparing your children for preschool at home. Buy toys that will assist your child in learning new skills, especially those that will come in handy while doing daily chores. At the toddler stage of life, fine motor skills are critical for learning.

With the list provided above, you can easily select your favourite toy and purchase it for your little bundle of joy right away. Your child adores you, and your children adore their toys. So, while they're playing, help them learn because play is the work of childhood.

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