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5 Must-Listen Podcasts For Parents (Parenting Podcasts)

Woman listening with headphones on and reading a book.
Woman Using Headphones

As a parent, it can be hard to find time to do things like reading, learning more about being a better parent, and just enjoying your own time. Podcasts are a great way to combine all of those things and save time.

It can also connect you to other parents by listening to the different experiences parents around the world experience. All it requires is some good listening ears and a device. To assist you in finding the best podcast for you, we've compiled a list of 5 must-listen podcasts for parents.


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Podcasts are generally "a series of audio episodes on specific or various topics". Podcasts can be about different things aimed at different audiences.

There are podcasts about books, crime stories, personal experiences, cooking, arts, and much more. There are also podcast series aimed at mothers or parents in general. The podcasts discuss parenting techniques, taboo topics, and the experiences of different moms.

5 Must-Listen Podcasts For Parents

Here’s a list of the top five picks we have here for you:

  1. Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting

  2. Muslim Superparent

  3. The New Mom Life

  4. The Mom Hour

  5. Wow in the World

1. Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting

Ask Lisa Podcast Logo
Ask Lisa Podcast

What It's About

“Raising kids can be a bumpy, stressful, and uncertain process – which is why Lisa’s podcast brings her sane, informed, and practical perspective to your timely and timeless parenting questions. Cohost Reena Ninan, a world-class journalist who has covered the White House while packing a breast pump, makes sure to get you the answers you need.”

Our Opinion

Lisa Damour is a Psychologist that advises on family problems. Her podcasts are to the point with authentic research. She provides realistic advice and helps parents understand their children’s behaviors to combat the problems they face.

Episodes discuss parents' questions with an honest approach. The episodes are generally less than an hour long and focus mainly on the topic.

Ask Lisa is a great podcast for parents who don’t have time on their hands. It is also great for parents who are struggling to understand their child’s behaviors and how to combat conflict within their family.

Episode Recommendation

“How should you respond when your kids are mean to you? What’s age-appropriate behavior and what should not be tolerated? Dr. Lisa and Reena unpack why kids lash out and what’s behind the outbursts. How do you know when hormones are the cause or when it’s something else?

Dr. Lisa has advice on how to create a safe space for kids at home that allows them to work through their frustrations but also teaches them what’s acceptable in the real world.”

2. Muslim Superparent

Muslim Superparents podcast logo
Muslim Super parents Podcast

What It's About

"Welcome to the Muslim Superdad and Wondermom podcast hosted by Amin Aaser, CEO of Noor Kids. Listen and learn from subject-matter experts who share valuable insights and strategies to make parenthood a little less chaotic.

For the parents who struggle to balance between saving the world by day, and being a mechanic, comedian, coach, and cook, by night – tune in to this journey through parenthood!"

Our Opinion

Sometimes you need to look at things from a different perspective. Although the podcast ‘Muslim Superparent’ discusses issues from a religious perspective, their explanations on different topics can make you reflect on your understanding.

‘Muslim Superparents’ is produced by Noor Kids, a Harvard-supported educational services organization. The episodes are given by a wide variety of scholars, as well as education and research experts.

They also discuss important topics like single parenting and taboo topics that are often hushed about in religious communities. More importantly, they explain how to approach the topics to kids. One of the biggest bonus points for this podcast is that they have a review list of what they discuss in each episode.

Episode Recommendation

“In the middle of a busy day, do we, as parents, pause to reflect on how much of our parenting is influenced by how we were brought up by our parents? When we listen to the way our kids talk, watch their expressions and gestures, or simply do activities together, do we notice how they’re emulating us and how much we have become role models for our kids?

That shouldn’t be a problem- if only they could filter the positive and the negative themselves. Joining us in this episode is a common household name, Dr. Suzy Ismail. She explains what generational cycles are and how our behaviors are impacted by our parents when they were raising us”.

3. The New Mom Life

That New Mom Life Podcast Logo
That New Mom Life Podcast

What It's About

That New Mom Life, a new podcast from Parents Magazine, is here to hold your hand through those first bleary-eyed, isolating months of parenthood when you’re not even sure what day it is.

Each week, co-hosts Grace Bastidas, Editor-in-Chief of Parents Latina, and Desiree Fortin, mom of triplets and a newborn share the mic with leading experts and fellow parents as they talk about sleep deprivation, body changes, making mom friends, and more. No topic is off-limits!

For more information visit here!

Our Opinion

‘That New Mom Life’ is a great podcast not just for new parents, but also for parents who are going through the process of parenthood again. The episodes are generally half an hour long which is great for parents who struggle to focus on long podcasts.

The podcast explores different topics like being a working mom, sleep trouble, and body changes after pregnancy. The hosts of ‘That New Mom Life’ are honest about the struggles and loneliness parents face. The episodes discuss different topics and often present the perspective and stories of other parents.

Listening to ‘That New Mom Life’ can help parents understand their problems better and find comfort in the shared experiences of other parents.

Episode Recommendation

“While living with a newborn can be unpredictable, the answer isn’t necessarily a routine. Hosts Grace Bastidas and Desiree Fortin talk to Dr. Ashurina Ream, aka Psyched Mommy, a psychologist who helps moms let go of unrealistic expectations.

She talks about how schedules can be overrated if they don’t meet your needs and shares tips for enjoying the day-to-day with your baby. You’ll also hear real-life stories from moms just like you about how they found their groove.”

4. The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour Podcast Logo
The Mom Hour Podcast

What It's About

"The Mom Hour is a podcast and community for moms seeking practical tips and real-life encouragement delivered in a fun and inclusive way. The podcast – a top-ranked show with nearly 10 Million all-time downloads – is a weekly conversation between Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers, two moms with eight kids between them from little to grow.

Meagan, Sarah, and The Mom Hour’s team of contributors take on parenting topics and issues related to motherhood in a tone that is reassuring and real with lots of room for laughter (listeners say it’s like having coffee with their girlfriends). They combine their own stories and experiences with practical tips and heartfelt encouragement for busy moms who want to enjoy the parenting journey and cut back on the comparison, worry, and stress.”

Our Opinion

As suggested by the title, ‘The Mom Hour’ is all about you, as a parent. ‘The Mom Hour’ aims to create a ‘happier motherhood’.

The hosts Meagan and Sarah have made a great introduction page where they recommended their episodes based on the category you are looking for. They also explain how to listen to a podcast for first-timers.

Their podcast makes you laugh and easygoing for those moments when you just want to relax and reflect. At the same time, they also cover important topics for parents like digital responsibility for kids, and give honest advice on parenting problems.

Episode Recommendation

“Today we’re talking about advice: asking for it, giving it, and consuming it in general. In this fun More Than Mom conversation, Meagan and Sarah share how we individually show up when it comes to receiving advice, whether we’re comfortable giving advice, and how it all has changed for us over the years.

We also discuss our mutual fascination with advice-column culture and parse the difference between seeking wise counsel from trusted friends and looking for quick answers from the Internet hive mind. Join us!”

5. Wow In The World

Wow In The World Podcast Logo
Wow In The World Podcast

What It's About

Tinkercast was founded by three media veterans, storytellers, and parents who believe that well-told stories can inspire families to put down their screens and look up at the world together. We tell stories about incredibly cool things happening in the world right now. Stories that inspire families to use their imagination and follow their curiosity. Stories that invite families to lean in and say “Wow!”

Join hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas on a journey away from your screens, inside your brain, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science, technology, and innovation”.

Our Opinion

You know those moments when you have to quickly search the web to answer your kids' questions? This podcast is an amazing way to learn about all things science like weather, the world, and space with your children. It is designed to entertain and educate both grown-ups and kids. It helps cultivate imagination and questions, curious kids.

‘Wow In The World’ provides a variety of topics for you and your child to learn about. You can listen to their episodes with your child, and engage in workbooks and activities. Their episodes are broken down into categories according to your kid's age.

The hosts' Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas teach through storytelling and use engaging sounds and different voices, which helps keep your child’s attention. After the podcast ends, you can discuss what you learned with your kids. This can help them improve their understanding. More importantly, it can allow their eyes to rest after using devices all day.

Episode Recommendation

“Crash! Crack! Boom! No need to duck and cover during this incredible thunderstorm! It’s been going on for hundreds of years! Join Mindy and Guy Raz as they make their way out to Venezuela to hunt down the mysterious and electrifying Catatumbo Bay Lighting Storm, and in the process, they uncover the Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and Wow in the World of this electrifying scientific phenomenon!”

Woman listening to a podcast on a laptop
Woman Listening To A Podcast


The podcasts listed above represent different types of parenting podcasts. This includes educational podcasts, easy-going podcasts, religious parenting podcasts, and parental advice.

However, these are just some of the many podcasts available for parents. You can always find something that works for you. You can find podcasts online and on streaming platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, apple music, youtube, stitcher, and more.

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