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Sitz Bath for Postpartum Recovery: A Comprehensive Guide

Childbirth is a difficult process regardless of one's experience. Your body undergoes a lot of changes and an extremely demanding effort. Because of this, you should take special care of your body and give it more time to heal once you have your adorable little human in your arms.

A Sitz bath for postpartum recovery is one of the most helpful remedies you'll encounter during your postnatal care. It is highly beneficial and soothing during the recovery period following birth.


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What Is a Sitz Bath?

A sitz bath is a form of medication or a relaxing bath in which one sits in warm water. The word "sitz" is derived from German which means “to sit." It is used to soothe inflammation or relieve pain in your private parts. In a sitz bath, you soak your genital area in a warm water vessel which as a result reduces pain.

A sitz bath is recommended for anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and after vaginal delivery. It has no harmful effects and people without any medical condition can also use a sitz bath just to relax and clean their perineum.

How Does a Sitz Bath Help In Postpartum Healing?

Postpartum Sitz baths are incredibly beneficial in the initial stages of recovery following vaginal delivery. It encourages blood flow, lessens discomfort, keeps your perineum clean, and speeds up healing.

If you underwent episiotomy, a sitz bath should be included in your postpartum care since it relaxes your muscles and reduces inflammation and swelling caused by stitches. Even taking a sitz bath twice a day after giving birth will make the healing process significantly easier and less painful.

How to Use a Sitz Bath?

There are two ways to take a sitz bath. In a bathtub or with a sitz bath kit that fits in your toilet. Both methods are equally effective and do not necessitate extensive preparation.

In a Bathtub

  • To take a sitz bath in a bathtub, first carefully clean the tub. Scrub your tub with any cleaner and properly rinse it.

  • After cleaning, add warm water to the bathtub. The depth of the water should be between three and four inches.

  • Check the water's temperature. It shouldn't be too hot that it burns or irritates your skin.

  • Include any Epsom salt that you prefer or that your doctor has advised.

  • Your bottom should be submerged in water when you sit in the bathtub.

  • The water should be sufficient to properly soak your perineum, or you should sit with your knees bent and near your chest.

  • Spend 15 to 20 minutes sitting in the sitz bath.

  • When finished, get up and gently wipe dry your genitals with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing aggressively as this could damage your stitches.

Using a Sitz Bath Kit

A sitz bath for postpartum is a plastic bath kit that fits over your toilet seat and you can fill it with warm water. It is commonly used for women who have undergone episiotomy during childbirth and helps them heal quickly.

  • To use a sitz bath kit, first carefully clean all of the parts.

  • Place the sitz bath in your open toilet seat and make sure that it fits properly.

  • Fill it halfway with warm water, making sure it's not too hot to burn or irritate your skin.

  • The depth of the water should be sufficient to completely soak your perineum.

  • To increase the effectiveness of your sitz bath, you can add postpartum Epsom salts to it.

  • Spend 15 to 20 minutes immersing your genital area in the warm water bath.

  • You can easily flush the water from the plastic bag and thoroughly clean it for future use.

  • Gently dry your bottom with a clean towel, avoiding rough scrubbing.

Best Epsom Salt for Sitz Bath

Adding Epsom salt to your sitz bath will improve its effectiveness. It will soothe your genitals, minimize the swelling, and promote postpartum recovery. Doctors advise taking an Epsom salt bath after an episiotomy since it is one of the best and most efficient ways to lessen pain and swelling from stitches.

Below are some of the best Epsom salts for postpartum that you can use for your post-birth recovery:

1. Dr. Teal’s

This pure Epsom salt is cruelty-free and paraben-free. Including essential oils instantly calms your nerves, improves blood circulation, and soothes your perineum area. This is one of the best Epsom salt for postpartum recovery and is the best addition to your sitz bath.

2. The Earth’s Epsom Salt

Made from pure Epsom salt and mineral oils, this sitz bath for postpartum will ease your recovery phase. It is very effective after birth in healing stitches. It relaxes your nerves and reduces pain in your genital area for a calmer effect. You can shop to get it delivered anywhere in Pakistan. Get Here!

3. Pink Stork Dead Sea Salt

With a lavender scent, this sitz bath soak is designed especially for postpartum care and to relax the mommies so they can enjoy their time with their newborns without much pain or discomfort. This is an imported brand but you can order it online. Get Here!


Including a sitz bath in your prenatal care will improve and speed up the healing process, and it is also encouraged by doctors. With your doctor's approval, you can take a sitz bath at least twice daily, either in your bathtub or with the use of a sitz bath kit.

Additionally, taking an Epsom salt bath after episiotomy will reduce the inflammation and swelling caused by the stitches in your perineum.

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