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5 Best Educational Toys That Your 5-Year-Old Will Love To Play With!

kids playing with toys
Kids Playing with Toys

Your child’s progress, growth, and development when he or she is learning shouldn’t be tiresome or hectic. While knowledge and education are vital, a child's enjoyment and fun shouldn't be sacrificed in the process. Your child must continue to learn and grow every day.

Providing your child with educational toys and encouraging them to engage in fun activities after school can make learning pleasurable. There are various toys specifically created for this purpose but finding the right ones for your children is the real dilemma.

But hold on, we haven’t left you alone here and have compiled a list of the 5 best educational toys for your 5-year-old that they will love to play with. So without any further ado, let’s buy a new toy!

Our Top Picks

Educational Toys

Best For

Best for memorization of elements

Best for drawing skills

Boost creativity and critical thinking

Best Educational Toys for Your 5-year-olds

Below, we have the best of the hundreds of educational toys waiting for your child:

1. BEST LEARNING i-Poster My Periodic Table

This newly released i-Poster Series model "My Periodic Table" comes with exceptional 3AAA batteries weighing only 2.09 pounds. It has all 118 elements mentioned on it with their atomic mass, atomic numbers and their properties.

This i-poster contains not only theoretical information but also chilly fun facts that make learning enjoyable. My periodic table is non-toxic and can be used anywhere at home or school.

It has an in-built song feature that sings the names of the elements to help your child memorise them and to make learning fun. It's the best educational learning gift you can give your 5-year-old to help him or her learn elements and become better educated.  


  • Helps develop concentration and memory skills.

  • The material used is non-toxic and easily portable.

  • Easy-to-use and understandable features


  • Certain countries are missing.

2. Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot Activity Set

Want to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in your child? Here’s your dilemma solver - Botley, the coding robot!

This coding robot is one of the best educational toys your child can possess to learn coding and critical thinking. It comes with a 77-piece activity set weighing only 2.2 pounds. Isn’t it amazing?

It operates without the attachment of any screen, manually and controlled with the help of a remote programmer that is easy to use. Botley has 5AAA batteries in it (3AAA for Botley and 2AA for the remote).

Boltley, the coding robot is made of non-toxic plastic that is easily portable. It helps your child develop critical thinking in less time as it doesn't require any assembling of the parts of the toy. This robot is going to help your child learn coding and programming without letting you worry about screens and rays. So what are you waiting for?


  • It uses no mobile phone or tablet screen.

  • The 77-piece activity set gives your child new experiences every time.

  • Teaches your kid to actively code to problem-solving and critical thinking.


  • The batteries are not installed.

  • The remote glitches, sometimes.

3. Osmo - Creative Starter Kit for iPad

Are you the parent who wants to intrude real-time audio and visuals in your child's learning? Then wait, there’s an Osmo starter kit for you.

This creative starter kit for iPad helps your child draw better and visualize to an amazing extent by building and developing their fine motor skills.

This starter kit comes with an Osmo Base, Creative Board, Dry erase, Markers Eraser, and 3 Games (Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece) weighing only 2.2 pounds. It is made of microfibre that gives it a fine and smooth texture. This kit leaves you headache-free when it comes to any batteries and powers. So, isn’t it the best educational toy for your child to visualize better?


  • It uses no Batteries.

  • Develop motor skills and increase drawing speed.


  • Not compatible with all ipads.

4. Tech Kidz My Exploration Toy Laptop Educational Learning Computer

Do you want your child to learn while he or she is playing on a laptop or a computer? Here’s your problem solver.

My exploration Laptop is the best educational toy for your child to learn maths, spelling,

Logical skills, vocabulary, typing, music, and many more just by playing games. Yes! You heard right. It comes equipped with a real-time keyboard and other computer and laptop standards that help your child learn and get familiar with real-world digital products just by playing on it.

It has a large collection of games that can be played on a large LCD screen that can easily be shared with two persons at a time. The amazing part is that it only weighs 2.27 pounds and is made of non-toxic plastic making it easily portable.


  • 80 different challenging games with easy, medium, and hard levels.

  • No need of install any software.


  • No backlighting.

5. Learn & Climb 65 Science Experiments Kit for Kids

Are you looking for an educational toy that will make your child put their hands in scientific experiments? Hold on, here is the kit that is gonna make you wow.

Learn and Climb kit comes with 56 pieces of educational toys and safe, nontoxic chemicals that will help your child build and develop real-life learning experiences.

This kit is made of paper and only weighs 3.15 pounds being the best one for 5-year-olds in learning fun science experiments. It gives a blow to their mental skills that help in the practical life of learning. So, what’s the delay reason now?


  • 56 pieces with 60 handy experiments available.

  • Non-toxic and safe Chemicals.

  • Most Affordable price.


  • No cons are available.

What To Look For?

As a parent, you desire to give your child the best of the best. And this could get stressful at times. Figuring out what is best for your kid and what is not is an actual dilemma that almost every parent faces. While going toy shopping for your kids you can not just pick anything. You will have to see if that toy is useful, fulfils the purpose, is not a hazard to their health, and is suitable for their age.


When looking for the best educational toys for your 5-year-old, the main thing is what purpose they provide. It shouldn’t be a waste of time. As your child is at a learning stage at this age you may want to fill up their toy cart with things that will assist in increasing their vocabulary, their skills, and their reading and writing.


An ideal toy shouldn’t just fulfil the educational or academic criteria but it should also be able to flourish your child’s inner creativity. Toys or games are the best way to teach your child something while simultaneously challenging their imagination. Your kid should be able to use their mind and their creativity while playing with these toys.


Almost all of the toys made for children are safe and built by keeping all the safety measures in mind. However, it is still wise to look for any health hazards while shopping for toys for your children. You should make sure that the product you are buying for your little one is suitable for their age. Moreover, it should not contain any small parts or be make with low-quality materials.

Sturdy & Budget-friendly:

Toys should be well-made and serve a purpose. But that doesn't mean you have to drain your bank account to buy toys for your children. Look for toys that are both sturdy and reasonably priced. It's not a smart idea to spend a lot of money on them since your child will only play with them for a limited time.


What Toys Can Help In a Child’s Brain Development?

Toys like puzzles or building blocks are the best kind to encourage brain development in children. These toys enhance your child’s problem-solving skills and are excellent for their hand-eye coordination.

Are too many toys damaging to your child’s development?

Having an excess of anything can be harmful. Providing your kids with numerous toys can be damaging to their development and can have negative impacts on their health. Your child will stay distracted among their playthings and won’t be able to focus on other tasks and may fail to perform well in other aspects of life.

Can a 5-year-old play board games?

Yes, you can play board games with your 5-year-old that are made for their level. Board games that don't involve complex strategies and are easier to learn and play are recommended for kids. They may help in their math abilities, decision-making skills, and problem-solving skills as well.


Your children are continuously progressing and growing. A toddler picks and grasps information more quickly than anyone. Thus, you must utilize their pastime by engaging them in toys and activities that will sharpen their brain and enhance their skills.

Including educational toys is a fun and interesting way to teach your 5-year-old new stuff without boring them. You can purchase various learning toys for your kids to make their leisure time more fun and engaging while being useful and educational. These things will help them in their academic life and will be entertaining extracurricular activities as well.

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